So, Season 5 Runner-up Katharine McPhee has released her self-titled album and I was listening to the tracks, before deciding to put them into my iTunes playlists. I’m confused as to exactly what genre her music falls into. Her voice has this R&B quality to it, but most of the songs on her album is pop. I know that products of American Idol usually come out with pop albums and songs, take for example Bo Bice’s album. I would have loved for his album to have more of a rock feel to it (and there were times you can hear the rocker in him come out), but by the gods, McPhee’s album is as bisexual as Anne Heche!

Not everything in the album is crap bad. When listening to the songs, when it starts off at a faster beat, you know it’s going to suck. When it’s mellow and smooth, her wonderful voice (because she has one) shines through. Mostly though, the album is overridden with poppy songs and made worse by the back-up singers with their husky “oohs and ahhs”.

The worst song of the bunch is “Open Toes” *shudders*. The song made me go, “Wazzzup homie?” and I’m as far from “da hood” as she is.