Love Letters Exchange 2016

This year’s first Flourish Forum exchange is for Valentine’s Day. For the exchange, the theme is love letters; and what better words to use than Shakespeare’s lines from Hamlet?

DSC07748-2The card measures 6″ x 6″ and is an explosion of pink and hot pink. The original plan was to create a longer card this time round, but the gift wrapper color just took over and everything became pink and bright.

The envelopes were made from cartolina using the WRMK envelope puncher. I had originally chosen a lighter shade of pink but the material was too thin that it creased so easily and I thought that using it would probably not protect the card inside it. I used sumi ink to address the envelopes themselves and then as an added touch (and just because I love glittery things), I sprayed on some gold glitter — which I hope survives the trip to their destination.

They’re being mailed tomorrow, a day before the deadline, so I hope they arrive just indeed in time for Valentine’s Day.

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