The mind is willing … RL gets in the way

For the past two weeks, I’ve had the “Add New Post” opened on my browser wanting to update the blog. It has been neglected and it’s sad to see that it’s been over a year since I posted something interesting … or boring. So here’s one for you :

Things at work are pretty much siphoning all the energy I have left to write something. Since the latter part of last year, I’ve had to work on two projects consistently as well as handle a client’s data each week. That leaves just enough time for gaming .. yes, I am never going to give up my gaming time! I will always be a gamer at heart; which is proven by my persistence to continue playing World of Warcraft despite it’s currently lackluster raiding conditions, eagerly awaiting Diablo III as well as Mists of Pandaria (I am still utterly confused by the new talent trees)

So … there, after over a year of no updates, I’m essentially saying, I will be busy and will hardly be posting more updates … I’m hoping I am wrong though.

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