Review : Battle : Los Angeles

The gang caught the last full show of this movie tonight. It has actually been a while since all of us (the ones in Bacolod anyway) have gone to see a movie together.  Dinner, fun conversation and a movie is always a great idea with friends.

Let me preface this post by describing what the movie is like. It’s a cross between Independence Day and Black Hawk Down,wherein a platoon is trapped inside enemy lines who happen to be bad aliens. And if Julius had to describe it, he’d say it was shot like you were playing Counterstrike. :)

I like that the movie was pretty fast paced and you aren’t really left with a lot of unnecessary scenes. For a 2-hour movie, it actually felt longer.┬áTo start it all with more or less cuts of “these are your cast of characters” and then straight into the invasion was a good move. As per usual, there were some dialogue I could have gone without. “You’re my little marine now” … WHAT? Were we the only ones who felt disturbed by that scene? I’m pretty sure Aaron Eckhart tried to argue to have that line changed and failed miserably.

You have to give the film credit for minimizing all the drama bits and maximizing all the ‘pew pew’ ones. I think that’s what worked for the movie. This is supposed to be a battle; let’s not deal with your emotional baggage and just shoot and blow things up! Although sometimes the weight of Aaron Eckhart’s mistake on a previous mission just follows him all through out the film and can sometimes cause you to “roll eyes”.

At the end of the day though, this movie is certainly more entertaining than the other “alien invasion” movies that have recently come out. The special effects were good and the action scenes even better. It also gets points for not employing too much of the “shaky camera” … some, but not too much.

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