Review : I am Number Four

Vicky and I haven’t gone to see a movie for quite some time and decided that tonight (or earlier rather) was time enough. Sure, we wondered whether “I am Number Four” was a good enough movie to spend money on but seeing as we didn’t have any other choice (nothing looked more interesting than this) and we just really wanted to go out, we went for it.

The premise of the story is pretty interesting although I was left asking exactly how they were supposed to “protect” or “fight” for their planet. Sure, their planet’s lost now and now they have to protect Earth and all that but a little more insight into their race and history and a bit more about their nemesis would have been nice.  And how did those bad guys travel from one place to another without anybody even asking why they looked so strange? Don’t tell me no policemen stopped them to ask what that growling thing in container was? While we’re asking questions … how did Sam get “John”‘s mobile number?  Why did Marshal Givens have to die? I pick at the smallest thing.

My cousin had previously warned me about a particular scene; his wife and he had seen the movie a few days before. He told me that he just couldn’t get past that particular scene and after seeing it for myself, I understand what he meant. You’re supposedly running for your life. You need to go and look for the others in order to be stronger together … why in heaven’s name would you spend an hour in a dark room developing a film? I know it’s to establish the link between your hero and the love of his life, but was it REALLY necessary? The parting scene at the end should have enough.

Apart from some questionable scenes and cheesy monologues, this one is actually entertaining. It’s definitely gazillion times better than Twilight in that the acting is better and the dialogue doesn’t want to make you throw up every 2 minutes or so. Oh, and no sparkly vampires too!

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  1. lynxlee says:

    And apparently with the glowy hands in the dark room, the film still works!

  2. wurlocke says:

    Lol. Precisely. They call it a dark room for a reason. =)

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