The evolution of my WoW UI

In my time playing World of Warcraft, I have taken tons of screencaps of my UI in the hopes of maybe posting an entry about it. It seems, the time has finally come and looking through my screencap folder, I literally “LOL” at my old UI caps and wonder how I got through with all the mess on my screen. Since I’m lazy, (and editing these may push publishing of this article even further), I’m attaching the captures of how Emmagan‘s screen has impoved over the years.

And my current setup being:

Click for full view

Click for full view (image resized and labelled)

Here are the mods that are visible on the screenshot:

  • SpartanUI – A mod that cleans out your UI by moving most of the elements into a dock at the bottom of the screen. In the past I’ve used similar UI mods like Titan Panel and Sun Viewport Panel Art but I’m really liking this one. It has various options that allows you to configure auras, popup bars, the scale of the UI, etc. and I like the fact that it adjusts your screen to full when you hide (Alt-Z) to take a screencap.
  • Quartz – Probably one of the most important add-ons a player needs on his screen. This little mod replaces the basic WoW cast bar with an empowered version. I particularly like the ‘latency’ feature which helps me a lot as a healer and allows me to time my heals.
  • VuhDo – I have tried out most of the healer mods around; Grid, Clique and HealBot but once I finished setting up VuhDo after my Healbot failed, I found that I really liked it’s robust features. Sure, it’s a bit of a pain to figure and set up but it may be the best one around. With this mod, everything you need to from debuffs, aggro, damage, incoming heals, casting Rebirth on a target and even see the direction that person is in relation to your position, you have. Heals and other actions are bound by keyboard and mouse settings done on the unit frames of the add-on.
  • Recount – Every player should know what this mod does by now. If not, it’s by which everyone measures their ego or the way your raid leader tracks everyone’s performance to find out who he/she can abuse for the wipe.
  • Recount Guessed Absorbs – Every healing leader in the raid knows that in order to get the full picture of healing done on a fight when your party includes a Discipline Priest, you can’t really rely on Recount’s ‘Healing Done’ since Disc Priests’ Power Word: Shield, Divine Aegis and Power Word: Barrier does not register on there (although since the patch, it LOOKS like it does, I can’t say for sure). This add-on adds another tab to your Recount that takes the Priest’s damage mitigation into the meter’s mix.
  • MetaHUD – A heads-up display of you and your target’s health and power bars. I find that a large display of my available mana helps me manage my resources and allows me to use Innervate and pots at the right time. Although I’m sometimes guilty of overlooking the bars when things get really hectic.
  • Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text – An add-on that to replace the default combat text display. It also provides text notification of spells that become available for use.
  • Omen Threat Meter – Does not require a lot of explanation. Gives you a visual representation of the amount of threat you have on a target.

And the following are the mods I use that aren’t visible on the screenshot:

  • Power Classic Auras – I use this mod for visual notification of ¬†when my spells are available for use. Spells such as Innervate, Rebirth, Tranquility, Swiftmend and Wild Growth. MOAR notfications!
  • Deadly Boss Mods – Anyone who even thinks of raiding should get one. It’s both a dungeon and a raid notification/alerter for Boss abilities and events.
  • AuctionLite – An Auction House mod that simplifies searching and auctioning off items.
  • Postal – A mailbox add-on that allows you to pick up multiple mail content or all at once.
  • Archy – Archeology profession add-on that provides information on nearest dig sites, easy access to solving items and a ‘TomTom’ display if you’ve got the add-on installed.
  • Fizzle – An add-on to the Character Pane that gives you a percentage display of item vulnerability.

I’d like to try out more add-ons but as it is, the more add-ons you run, the heavier for your system it becomes and raiding with a choppy screen is never fun.

So there we have it. Finally, a post about my WoW UI Screen. I feel proud. ;)

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