Birthday celebrations kill your diet

My younger brother and his wife celebrated their birthdays today by inviting the family over for some lunch and fun at a mountain resort. The idea of going to a mountain resort during a time when the weather can be fickle is pretty amusing when you really think about it. It’s been extra gloomy and chilly the past 7 days and the sun only came for a short peak 2 days ago. Today started out pretty sunny but travelling up the mountain has changed that.

The day was basically spent with lots of good food, good company, the kids swimming and the adults playing poker … all of this while the rain came and went around us. At least my mom was happy with the rain as it cooled her off. She cannot get used to our weather anymore and now always has the A/C turned on full blast while everyone else is trying to keep warm.

The thing about family gatherings is that it completely ruins whatever control you’re trying to do with your diet. This has been proven by my failure to control the stuff I eat whenever I’m around my relatives. Around 2 weeks ago, I spent the weekend at a beach with family members and that entire trip was all about the food. Five minutes into the 4-hour drive to our destination and we were already passing food around the van. The people at the beach probably thought us strange seeing us have lunch at 10am and then continually see us munching on something until dinner at 6pm. I felt bad for the foreign couple trying to get some sunbathing done while the smoke from our barbecue literally enveloped them. Shame on us …

I told myself, “bread and water” after that weekend and now I’m going to have to say that again after today. A happy birthday to my brother and my sister-in-law … A happy day for the niece and nephew … A happy day with the family but mostly, A happy day for our tummies.

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