What’s for Dinner?

About a week ago, Sheila requested that I cook Chicken Parmigiana for dinner. I immediately said yes and started browsing through The Pioneer Woman‘s cooking blog. I love, love, love her cooking and I was thrilled she had the recipe.

The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Parmigiana Recipe – it’s full of yummy-ness!

I did the grocery a day before since I actually meant to cook Tuesday night; WoW maintenance and nothing to do for the night and all that. I also do my grocery shopping during my lunch break. ;) So right after lunch, I dragged Vix inside the supermarket and had her push the small cart. One of the good things about cooking is that you’re bound to have left-over ingredients — so I didn’t need to buy all of them. I just got the chicken breasts, the crushed tomatoes and the Parmesan cheese.

I have no idea why it’s so effing hard to find fresh herbs in Bacolod. We roll up into the vegetable/herb section and no fresh herbs to be seen except some “organic herb” packaging which looks nothing like parsley. Next, we go to the cheese section and my heart screams “Why do you have to be so expensive cheese?” The cheese selection was quite good actually, they were just a bit too expensive. I had to settle for one of those pre-grated Parmesan cheeses in a plastic bottle. I know, I chickened out by doing that.

I basically followed what the recipe asked, substituting in other ingredients for the ones I couldn’t find. I decided to use Italian Seasoning in place of the parsley and tweaked the flavor a bit since my aunt doesn’t like too much tomato-y taste on her pasta. John said he didn’t like tomato sauce all that much — which makes me wonder why his plate overflowed with it. The good news is, when we all finished dinner, the entire thing was gone.

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  1. tin says:

    …oh pi…can i ask for that recipe?

    looks good!i bet tastes even better!!!

  2. wurlocke says:

    Yep. You can find the recipe here :

    I love to look at the pics she took while she cooked it too. =)

  3. Jan says:

    haha, funny anecdote on John :D anyways, Ree is a great blogger and I love her website and recipes too!

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